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Peter Drucker predicts that "universities won't survive." The future is outside the traditional campus, outside the traditional classroom. Distance learning is coming on fast.(Gubernick, Lisa and Ebeling, Ashlea (1997), "I Got My Degree Through E-Mail,"Forbes, June, pp. 84-92)

Distance learning is not coming fast, as Peter Drucker predicts; it is here. The world has certainly become a very busy place with people having more duties and responsibilities to perform than hours to do so.  Students do not have the time to sit many hours in a classroom staring at a chalkboard. The way to go is distance learning. Caribbean College of the Bible International is a distance learning Bible College offering Christian Education to 'more than a chosen few'


Caribbean College of the Bible International was founded in 1978 by Dr. and Mrs. Saunders of Samaritan Inn International, Sunbright Tennessee USA, as a non-profit Distance Learning Bible College. On their retirement in 2004, The College was placed in the hands of the Caribbean Division under its first Caribbean President, Dr. Kathleen James and a local board of Directors on 31st October 2004.

Since then the College became registered with the Accreditation Council of Trinidad and Tobago (ACTT) in 2009, became a member of Caribbean Evangelistic Theological Association (CETA), and Caribbean Area Network for Quality Assurance Tertiary Education (CANQATEL).

In the month of May 2015, Caribbean College of the Bible International (CCBI) was evaluated by the Accreditation Council, and on July 09, 2015, a decision was made by the Board of the Directors of the Accreditation Council of Trinidad and Tobago (ACTT), to register the Caribbean College of the Bible International for a period of another three (3) years.

Caribbean College of the Bible (CCBI) is now located at # 59 Eastern Main Rd. Barataria, Port of Spain, Trinidad West Indies. The Administration, Learning Resource Center and the President’s office are all located in this building.

Its founders, Dr. Raymond and Mrs. Saunders, envisioned a College from which students would study the Bible from the Certificate to the Doctoral levels without having to leave their places of employment, be they secular or religious. The vision of this Distance Learning, high quality education continues today. CCBI educates students throughout the Caribbean and around the world via Distance Learning.


College Theology Majors   The College offers

Doctor of Theology, Masters of Theology, Bachelor of Theology and Associate of Theology all with
various emphases. click here to learn more about our courses
Our calling is to provide a high quality Christian education by correspondence to countries whose Christian leaders do not wish to leave their country for a traditional residential education.
CCBI was founded and developed by educators who were trained according to the North American model of university accreditation. However, as we have served a student population in countries accustomed to a European model of higher education, we are using a similar model of independent study, under Faculty and/or denominational Mentors. This new direction does not include U.S. accreditation. Instead, CCBI seeks approval from three segments:
  Christ-centered churches and denominations in the area
  Local Bible Colleges
  Local Ministers of Education
Credit Recognition

The credits issued by CCBI are widely recognized. For example, the Southern Baptist International Mission Board accepted CCBI credits in 1998 for completing requirements toward a career missionary appointment to Belize, Central America.  Further to this, the Nazarene denomination in Belize has officially accepted our course work for appointments and promotion; one example being the headmaster of Nazarene High School in Belize City; Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies, Philippines; and Evangelical School of Theology.      

A number of North American colleges accept our students to do further studies. Colleges such as Liberty University;  Claremont Graduate School, GA; Covington Theological College; A young Guyanese evangelist who completed  her Associate and Bachelor degrees with CCBI reported that Oral Roberts University had accepted her to begin a Masters degree. It should also be noted that Prof. Jabini, a graduate of CCBI, became the graduate dean at the South African Theological Seminary (SATS); Canada Christian College; University of North Florida; Grace Bible College and Seminary; and  Freedom Bible College, just  to name a few.

Some of the major Colleges / Universities in Trinidad and Tobago, in addition to CETA registered Colleges, who receive our students:  University of the West Indies; Caribbean Nazarene College; Oasis Institute of Higher Learning; and West Indies School of Theology.

It must be noted that each institution has its own policy regarding transfer credits.   

For more information write:
Caribbean College of the Bible International
#59 Eastern Main Road, Barataria
Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, West Indies


Employment Opportunities

Are you retired and / or looking for employment?
CCBI is looking for the following:
Part-time / Full time Research Supervisors with Doctoral Degree in Theology.
Graders / Instructors with Master's and / or Doctoral Degrees.

Please send enquiries to:
Dean of Faculty or

The President

Doctrinal Statement.
New Faculty welcome.
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Quality Statements

Caribbean College of the Bible International(CCBI) is committed to the following quality tenets that are essential to its operations:

To ensure that all our services comply with international best practice
To maintain the required standards for contractual specifications and other legal requirements
To design the curriculum according to international standards, and deliver same using hard texts, 2.0 web tools and other  On-Line Educational Resources
To adopt assessment methods that are continuous and developmental utilizing a variety of modes, portfolios, papers and projects which reflect the latest research in assessment techniques, in order to maximise student learning, and to provide invaluable feedback to faculty members
To prepare the student to become an effective pastor, teacher/educator, counsellor,  leader, researcher  with unique abilities to make  a  scholarly contribution to the professional field, to be employed both in and out of the community with a firm foundation in the Bible- “Study to show yourself approved unto God, a workman who needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing ………. (2 Tim.2:15)
To strengthen the learner’s faith in God and his ability to work through the statement, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” (Phil.4:13); and assist the learner in the development of a personal prayer and faith life which will miraculously move the heart of a nation and spread unto other lands
To assist in fostering a strong spiritual fellowship among Christian professionals and leaders worldwide, generating enthusiasm and encouragement
Dr. Kathleen James
President – CCBI
Date 10th March 2007

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