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CCBI Students Resource
Dear Student/Graduate/Alumni

We at CCBI would like to encourage you to use technology in your quest for knowledge. Please see more information below on:

1. Online Web Devotionals

2. E-books

3. Audio books
Online Web Devotionals / Discussions

CCBI is piloting the use of the electronic media for Scriptural discussions and devotionals. We would appreciate the entire student body participating in this discussion. You are invited to visit the discussion forum at least twice a month to share your thoughts and encouragement to others. Please use the link below to enter this month’s scriptural discussions:

If you are a graduate you will receive a separate email invitation to the group. If you are still a student you are encouraged to go to the link and request membership.
Creating a personal library
As you are aware CCBI maintains a lending library to keep the costs of your programme down. However you may be in the position to build a robust study library at your home. In this vein, we would like to introduce two convenient and cost effective options to you. These two options are eBooks and audible audio books.
Electronic books are available from the Kindle Store at Through our research we have discovered that these electronic books are considerably cheaper than the traditional books. For example, the book Christian Counselling by Gary Collins costs $18.49US in the Kindle store. The paperback copy is $22.85US and the hardcover is $240.00 US. In addition, there are no shipping costs with electronic books. They can be used on your computer and/or mobile devices.

To purchase an ebook you need to go to the Kindle store on Amazon. To do so you need to use the drop down menu in the search bar and choose Kindle store. There are many books to choose from at very affordable prices.

Electronic books were originally designed to be read on the Kindle. If you go to the website it would indicate to you that the Kindle is “a convenient, portable reading device with the ability to wirelessly download books, newspapers, magazines, and blogs. Books download in less than 60 seconds.” However, you do not need to purchase a Kindle to use electronic books. There is software, free Kindle reading apps, which allow you to read e-books on your PC, Mac or mobile device. Mobile devices include iPhone, Blackberry, Android, iPad, and Windows Phone7.

The System Requirements for reading Kindle ebooks on your PC is as follows:
A PC with a 500MHz Intel or AMD processor or faster
At least 128MB of RAM
Screen resolution of 800x600 or greater
Windows XP Service Pack 2 or later, or Windows Vista or Windows 7
100MB of available disk space

Here is a simple comparison of the costing of ebooks versus traditional books:
Book Title Kindle price Audible price Hardcover price
A Survey of Old Testament Introduction $11.99 US   $26.39 US
An Introduction to the Old Testament Poetic Books $15.89 US   $22.10 US
Basics of Biblical Hebrew   $9.95 US  
The Expositor's Bible Commentary $19.59 US   $29.19 US
SEE YOU AT THE TOP by Zig Ziglar $11.00 US $13.95 US $14.49 US
Audio books and MP3s
Audio books can be found using the “Shop all Departments” drop down menu. Choose Audible Audio books and search for the titles you would like to purchase. There are also quite a number of educational MP3s available for download.
We look forward to hearing your comments on these new resources.
Student Articles
Would you like to publish a paper or article upon graduation? Would you like to peer review a publication by a staff member or student. Please contact the office at 868 -675-4709.
High quality distance education program

Graduate Programs
 Doctor of Theology (DTh)
    Emphasis on: 
    1. Biblical Studies 
     2. Christian Counselling
     3. Christian Education
  Master of Theology (MTh)
     Emphases on: 
    1. Biblical Studies
    2. Christian Counseling
    3. Christian Education 
    3. Religious Education
Undergraduate Programs offered
Bachelor Theology (BTh)
    1. Biblical Studies
    2. Christian Counselling
    3. Christian Education
    4. Missions Training
    5. Pastoral Studies
Associate of Theology (ATh)
   1. Basic Bible Studies
   2. Christian Training
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