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Caribbean College of the Bible is open to those who believe in Jesus Christ as the Son of God and Saviour of those who trust in Him, regardless of denomination or church fellowship. Basic Bible truths are emphasized rather than denominational traditions. Instructors are from various evangelical groups, and students are free to express differing points of view in preparation of assignments as long as the requirements on the syllabi are met.
Prospective students should send to the College the following:

 i.    A completed Application;  Download form here 


 ii.   Application fee of $28.00 (U.S.) [Non – refundable]; Click here to see tuition fees


 iii.  A written account of the student's salvation experience (1 page);


 iv.  Reasons for enrolling at CCBI (1 page);


 v.  Transcripts / Requests for ministry credits ( Ministry Credits for full time Ministers only at $US50.00 each,  Associate – Bachelor – no more than 32 ministry credits); click here for Transcripts request


 vi.  Statement of Ministry Experience (min. ten years full time)Mature Entry only; click here


 vii.  Presentation of a Ministry Portfolio ( Mature Entry only);


 viii. Two recent close-up  notarized photos must accompany your Application together with a copy of your Birth Certificate; OR


 ix.    A scanned copy of the  biographical data page with photo  either your National Identification (ID), Driver’s Permit (DP) or Passport together with one close up photo;


 x.     Name and Address (E-mail, Postal) of one Reference (Preferably Minister of Religion-no relative);


 xi.     Name and Address (E-mail, Postal) of one qualified Mentor – see Mentor qualification;


 xii.    Statement of Faith (signed copy) – see Statement of Faith -See our statement of faith




·    Since courses are by Correspondence enrolment may begin at any time;

·    CCBI may require an interview with student before Registration;

·    Students are expected to be computer literate and must possess a computer to produce coursework and to be engaged in research. A student deficient in this area must complete Computers in Ministry 1offered at CCBI before proceeding with the degree.

* T&T students are encouraged to purchase their own books as recommended by the course book    list.

However, students who choose not to purchase their own books are required to pay US$ 65.00 yearly for rental of course books. In this case rental fees must be paid with annual registration fees.

If texts are lost or defaced by student he/ she must pay current replacement cost.

Graduation Requirements
  1. A Christian character which the college can recommend. (reference/mentor recommendation)
  2. Commendable zeal, faithfulness and effective Christian service requirements.
  3. Payment of all financial obligations to the college.
  4. Completion of the prescribed course of study with acceptable grade point average (see below).
  5. Good use of written and oral English.

          * Failure to comply with graduation requirements can lead to delay of degree

Application for Graduation

1.     An application for graduation form and $60 U.S. graduation fee must be sent to the Trinidad office six months prior to proposed graduation date


2.      Postage cost for Degree (cost to be determined according to city).

             Click here to download a printable Application for graduation form.

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