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Master's Degree - New Mature Entry
For full time Pastors / Ministry Leaders only
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  Graduate Programs  
The seminary division of CCBI offers two graduate degrees - The Master of Theology and the Doctor of Theology. The Master of Theology is a sixty semester hour program which leads to the Doctor of Theology. The Doctor of Theology is a fifty six semester hour program.
Doctoral Program
Educational entry to the Doctor of Theology program is a Master Degree; pre-requisites may be required according to emphasis. The Doctoral program is a challenging, definitive study.
Master Degree
A Bachelor Degree or equivalent from an approved Bible School is required for the Masters program. Completion of the Master’s degree qualifies a student to enter the Doctoral program.
Graduate Programs
  Doctor of Theology (DTh)
    Emphasis on: 
     1. Biblical Studies 
     2. Christian Counseling
     3. Christian Education
  Master of Theology (MTh)
     Emphasis on: 
    1. Biblical Studies
    2. Christian Counseling
    3. Christian Education 
    4. Religious Education
Master's Degree New Mature Entry
For Full time Pastors / Ministry Leaders only
Your Masters degree at your fingertips!
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  Undergraduate Programs  
Students entering CCBI programs must be capable of reading and writing fluently in English, with evidence of a U.S 12-year education equivalency. They should have the ability to comprehend and explain scripture passages, and the ability to express personal thoughts in written form.
Rev. Robert Ridley – Dean of Undergraduate Studies
Associate Degrees.
Our Associate programs are entry level courses of study designed to begin preparing students interested in Christian service and ministry. Students are then offered an opportunity to continue their studies in our Bachelor programs. CCBI offers the Associate of Theology in Christian Training, and  Bible Studies . Every Associate level student with fewer than 16 transfer of ministry credits must complete four semesters of course work which may be interchanged between the Biblical Studies and the Christian Training  by entire semesters. No semester may be divided. However, all Associate level students, regardless of transfer credits, must complete the First Semester curriculum which includes basic English Grammar, research, research writing and general preparation skills.
Bachelor Degrees
Applicants must verify an Associate degree or equivalent  from an approved post-secondary institution (junior college equivalent), or teachers' college or Christian College. The Bachelor curriculum forms the core of the entire scope of Caribbean College of the Bible. Students must have satisfactory completion of 16 credits per semester. Completion time two to five years.
Undergraduate Programs offered
(CXC/GCE accepted)
     Bachelor Theology (BTh)
    Biblical Studies
    Christian Counseling
    Christian Education
    Missions Training
    Pastoral Studies
   Associate of Theology (ATh)
   Christian Training
   Basic Biblical Studies
New Certificate Programmes -
Christian Foundation
Christian Workers Bible Studies
God's Order for Husbands and Wives
Introduction to Biblical Languages
Managerial Finance and Accounting for Ministry
Starting and Managing Your Own Business
The Key to Successful Living
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Mature Entry and Prior Learning Assessment
"Let your Experience be the Foundation for your Academic Pursuits at CCBI."
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Accreditation and Registration
Caribbean College of the Bible International Ltd.      

CCBI is registered with the Accreditation Council of Trinidad and Tobago (ACTT)    In addition, the institution maintains membership with  the Caribbean Evangelical Theological Association  (CETA)

 As a consequence, international best practice and standards in theological education are followed to ensure quality of programme offerings. CETA is a member of  the International  Council for Evangelical Theological Education (ICETE).ICETE is a global community established to enable international interaction and collaboration among all those concerned for the enhancement of evangelical theological education worldwide

CCBI is also a member of The Caribbean Area Network for Quality Assurance in Tertiary Education (CANQATE) CANQATE was established in 2004 as a sub-network of the International Network for Quality Assurance Agencies in Higher Education (INQAAHE). The mission of CANQATE is in alignment with that of INQAAHE, whose principal purpose is to “enable members to share information about the maintenance, evaluation, accreditation and improvement of higher education, and to disseminate good practices in the field of Quality Assurance”. CCBI’s membership shows its bent towards continuous improvement.
High quality distance education program

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Ephesians 1:13
And you also were included in Christ when you heard the word of truth, the gospel of your salvation. Having believed, you were marked in him with a seal, the promised Holy Spirit,
2 Timothy 2:15
Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.
Graduate reflections 
Thank you for the assistance provided to me to have my transcript when I needed it most. The good news is that in May 1st I graduated  with my MA in Leadership Management and now am doing my MDIV- Timothy Michael Sadera, Kenya
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